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Why Do I Write?

Writing is a world beyond what we are living. It is a portal to a universe unknown; a gateway into the farthest reaches of our imaginations and dreams. Like a piece of art, words paint and sketch and mold an image into our minds where it could swim and dance on its whim and fancy for the rest of our lives.

Whether fiction or nonfiction, writing invites the reader into the writer's home, into the deepest parts of their thoughts and feelings. It's an open door to the writer's experiences and life lessons, from which to learn and grow.

Writing is a special kind of vulnerability we rarely experience in everyday life. It's a way to step through the barriers we attempt to build, to express ourselves without restraint. It's a safe space to be, a place to be the "me" we don't always show the world.

Writing records the stories that should never be forgotten. It preserves history. It allows readers to experience life through another's shoes. It gives us a glimpse into worlds otherwise unknown and unwitnessed.

Writing is the secret place that's meant to be shared. It's a key to the lock of life as we know it, and that which we've yet to experience.

Wherever you are and whatever you've done, writing is universal. It knows no limits to the extent of its reach, and finds no boundary to the lives it touches. To write is to share.

Writing is a power that can change the world. If used well, it can foster love and understanding. It can bring people together. It can find bridges to connect over distance and culture. It is the water of life in a desert of dissension. It's the sweet sip of refreshment on a hot summer day.

Writing allows the answer to the question: "What's your story?" It gives a voice to those unheard and a face to those unknown. It finds a place for those tales told for years and the ones yet to be shared.

Writing is magic. And I'm honored to share it.



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